Kazi joins forces

As of this week, Kazi becomes part of the Cronos group. One of Belgium’s largest IT and HR service providers. Excellent news because Kazi now enjoys the support of a massive network.

What does this mean for Kazi customers?

For existing customers, in essence, everything stays the same. The licenses, subscriptions, access to the SaaS portals and API remain unchanged. That means no scheduled downtime, and from that point of view, it means “business as usual”. On the other hand, what does change is that the support before, during, and after using Kazi technology will look fundamentally different. With over 85 of the best HR consultants, Kazi’s services offering will now scale in a major way. The existing HR expertise is expanded, but the customer-centric approach, aiming to build sustainable partnerships, remains the same.

What does this mean for Kazi?

Our mission is unaltered: it is to eliminate labor market(s) mismatches. The product roadmap is still aimed at supporting the “humans” in “human resources” with effective, purposeful technology. Kazi can now fully emerge by offering (consultancy) services next the technology to better support customers. Within Cronos, Kazi is situated in a HR cluster. Next to several renowned companies, such as HRMC, Humanistix and B-flow. The combined human resources expertise within the company now takes an enormous leap forward. Many experts with proven track records in disciplines and domains such as, among others, integrations, recruiting, staffing, process optimization, and more, can now support Kazi customers. By and large, it’s the ultimate environment for Kazi to be in.

From left to right: Luc Langeraert (Managing partner & HR Director at Humanistix), Lenny Benaïcha (CGO at Kazi), Jürgen Errijgers (Managing partner at HRMC), Nikolaas Bellens (CEO at Kazi) © Nisran Azouaghe

Gratitude galore

A special thank you to all of our customers. We want to express our gratitude towards the companies and partners who’ve been with us since day one, characterized by the same ambition; to put talent first. Thanks to these pioneering companies, we’re able to keep working towards a future where talent and jobs find one another based on what they want. Taking their work values and team roles into consideration in the process.

Every day, we strive to eliminate labor market mismatches. The future of work isn’t only about what people can do. The future of work is about what people want to do.

About Cronos

The Cronos Group is an outstanding example of innovative entrepreneurship. Founded in 1991, the business evolved from a one-person show to a large group of companies with 7000 employees, a consolidated turnover of €768 million in 2019, and 5000 customers in the Benelux.