Aiming for a 2021% increase in employee engagement

Did 2020 live up to your expectations? Not likely. It sure didn’t meet my expectations. For Kazi, a company in the business of expectations, this year was tough. We’re not alone, obviously. The fact that an overwhelming amount of people and companies alike suffered this year only makes it worse.

Expect the unexpected

I vividly recall my high school history teacher saying: “reality trumps fiction, always.” He wasn’t wrong. Expect the unexpected is a mantra I try to live by, but this pandemic and its consequences proved extremely difficult to predict and navigate. We’ve seen customers having their (department’s) budgets cut dramatically. Honestly, my heart bleeds. More than ever, talents & jobs have to be aligned with one another based on preferred work values and ream roles. So many people are losing their jobs, looking for new jobs. Today, investing in employee engagement is a necessity.

Bigger and better

With Covid-19 vaccinations currently being rolled out, there is light at the end of the tunnel — a bright, warm spotlight. We can’t wait to help our customers shine in 2021. So many of us endured a feeling of helplessness throughout this year. Seeing infection numbers rise. Perhaps falling ill or having family members and friends catch the virus. Perish the thought, losing somebody dear to you.

It’s always darkest before the sunrise. The upcoming year is going to be stunningly phenomenal. We’re so ready to turn the feeling of powerlessness all the way around, together with our customers. 

2021 will see an increase in “boarding” initiatives. Re-onboarding employees who worked from home throughout the pandemic, making their way back to the workplace. Onboarding new employees and pre-boarding future employees.

We can’t wait to boost employee engagement in a major way, together with our cherished customers and partners.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to all the people active in talent markets, making a difference by going the extra mile. During times where job disengagement is at an all time high, the efforts you are making to cater to people’s expectations are very much appreciated.

In name of the Kazi team: best wishes for the new year.

Kind regards,

Lenny Benaïcha