Aligning expectations in challenging times

At Kazi, we’re impressed to see how today expectations are being aligned on an enormous, perhaps unprecedented scale, through governments communicating with its citizens and companies and organizations with their employees and clients.

If you, or somebody close to you is (already) affected by COVID-19, I would like to wish you, and everybody suffering from the virus, a fast recovery. I’m humbled to see how people on the front line are working for all our sakes. Medical and health care professionals, pharmacists, supermarket staff and cashiers, law enforcement… Just to name a few. Thank you all.

In an attempt to provide you with some reassurance, I want to let you know that we will do absolutely everything in our power to serve your needs during these strange times. We are now working entirely remote, but understand and acknowledge the unique position we’re in as a tech company, knowing that this isn’t evident for every type of company to achieve quickly.

We would like to, in our own way, support you as much as possible. Customers finding themselves in need of changing their recruiting and coaching processes as a result of the Corona virus, won’t be charged for overdraws on their subscriptions. Additionally, we will organize remote sessions for individuals or groups regarding hiring and coaching remotely.

I want to emphasize once more, we’re impressed to see your intelligence and creativity handling this crisis, if you think we can help you, or somebody you know, with Kazi, please reach out to: 

To conclude, I would like to say, from one human to another: stay healthy, stay safe. Follow the guidelines of your government and agencies, and have trust in science. Limit your social contacts, keep physically active and if possible try to catch some sun rays.

Thank you. 

Kind regards,

Lenny Benaïcha | Kazi