bridging the expectations gap between talent and employers

hire faster, retain longer

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how kazi helps

stand out in the future of work

identify the best talent from the get-go

our proprietary assessment methods help you understand how your company and talent match with each other, and where they fit. kazi helps smooth the talent pipeline and identify the right people for the right teams and projects.

hire the right candidate faster

by identifying the most relevant traits, tendencies and techniques in potential hires, kazi allows your company to quickly sort them into fields and specialties so you can assign them to tasks where they will shine.

increase your employee’s retention & engagement

kazi not only helps onboard quickly, but ensures better retention. employees leave when they’re not able to excel and move up. we help everyone know how to get the best working relationship from the start.

one in two employees want to switch jobs within the first year of employment because of a mismatch in job expectations
source: gallup

keep talent engaged

world’s first talent expectations scanning technology

tested & academically validated. Intuitive, no coaching or accreditation required

failed recruitment of a white collar worker costs companies at least €35.000 source: securex

keep talent engaged
  • talent expectations

    scan for candidates, takes just ten minutes

  • team roles & work values

    8 team roles & 6 work value tags defined

  • tested & validated

    by the thomas more centre for psychodiagnostics

  • job expectations

    scan for talent professionals, takes just 6 minutes

  • intuitive

    no coaching or accreditation required

  • online

    available through saas, api and ats

what others are saying

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    “kazi made sure that we had a great contact with a starter that we might otherwise not have reached. during the first contact it became very clear to him and sweco that his expectations matched our offer almost perfectly. as a result, it didn’t take long for him to decide to join our team.”

    Davy Bollansee – hr business partner recruiting at sweco

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    “kazi is a digital hr tool that answers the needs of tomorrow’s labor market.”

    Paul Peeters – expert factories of the future at agoria

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    “scientific research and testing by a number of our companies has proven that the use of kazi results in a more natural link between candidate and employer”

    Jeroen Franssen – talent & labor markets expert at agoria

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    “kazi’s developer portal is very easy to use, the possibility to try out calls saved us a lot of time. also the fast response time of kazi’s support was very nice.”

    Bart Wuyts – developer at cronos

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