Kazi embraces independence: charting a future ahead

Kazi, a HR Tech pioneer active in employee-employer alignment and engagement, announces its evolution into an autonomous entity after two years in the Cronos ecosystem. (Cronos is one of Belgium’s largest ICT service providers.) With a renewed focus on technology development, product — and international expansion, Kazi is set to transform employee workplace engagement and talent retention. The company aims … Read More

Kazi joins forces

As of this week, Kazi becomes part of the Cronos group. One of Belgium’s largest IT and HR service providers. Excellent news because Kazi now enjoys the support of a massive network. What does this mean for Kazi customers? For existing customers, in essence, everything stays the same. The licenses, subscriptions, access to the SaaS portals and API remain unchanged. … Read More

Aiming for a 2021% increase in employee engagement

Did 2020 live up to your expectations? Not likely. It sure didn’t meet my expectations. For Kazi, a company in the business of expectations, this year was tough. We’re not alone, obviously. The fact that an overwhelming amount of people and companies alike suffered this year only makes it worse. Expect the unexpected I vividly recall my high school history … Read More

Aligning expectations in challenging times

At Kazi, we’re impressed to see how today expectations are being aligned on an enormous, perhaps unprecedented scale, through governments communicating with its citizens and companies and organizations with their employees and clients. If you, or somebody close to you is (already) affected by COVID-19, I would like to wish you, and everybody suffering from the virus, a fast recovery. … Read More

kazi’s learning & development approach

how do you provide engaging learning & development offers nowadays? how can it be applied both in the workplace and educational institutions? we compare old school ways of learning versus new ways of learning. check the slide deck below to see how kazi approaches l&d. kazi for learning & development from kazi