Why HR and technology is a match made in heaven for everyone involved

Both companies and people put a huge amount of effort into getting the right person into the right job. People spend years of their lives studying and getting the right credentials. And companies devote loads of time and effort to creating and running their HR departments. But even with all that, nearly 50% of highly educated workers are searching for a new job within a year of starting one. 43% even claims that their day-to-day job was not what they expected it to be. HR and technology could be the match made in heaven that could solve this.

This is where Kazi comes into the picture, with a new, proprietary technology solution developed with some of the top minds in Belgian college universities. At Kazi, we see a job as more than just a place of employment. It’s more like a mission, so we’ve created a comprehensive, expectations scan questionnaire for employers and job seekers, to make sure that culture, job expectations and fit are all assessed in advance, and everyone is on the same page. Improvements in retention and employee satisfaction are all measurable. This is what happens when you bring the right tech solutions to the task.

The Best and the Brightest behind the scenes

In setting about developing our tech-driven solution to HR’s biggest problems, we partner with some of the most forward-thinking institutions and individuals in Belgium. Our research was designed and conducted in partnership with Thomas More College University in Mechelen. Together, we established a core framework of questions to understand a total of 14 values and roles that every (non) job seeker and every workplace has, and mapped how they interact with each other to create the best results for both, and created the best environment for employee and company to thrive together. After all, that’s the true power of technology!

Changing the game for Job Seekers

As frustrated as companies are to have to find the right employees, so can job seekers get overwhelmed and intimidated by the prospect of finding a job that fits their personal goals and life mission. And this is where Kazi’s profiling technology eases a lot of the uncertainty and anxiety. Because our technology is compact and concise to ask only the questions necessary for understanding where they fit in their team role profile and work value profile, which pairs them with companies and on company teams that fit their style and goals. This means that both job seekers and employers will want to stay with each other for longer.

Getting the expectations right

Kazi believes work is more than just a job; it’s a mission. And so we have harnessed the best in new technology to help employers and job seekers avoid the most common pitfalls of the HR process. Kazi’s expectations scan technology removes more than 90% of the uncertainty and makes sure that the company and the employee are on the right mission, the same mission, together. That’s a match that’s sure to work!

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