Why your company needs more than one people manager

Human Resources might be one of the single most important departments of a company. The right people, and the right team make the difference between a good company and a really great company. But getting it right can be tricky, and needs careful attention to make sure that you find the right people, attract them, and make sure they have enough reason to stay.

Harnessing the Power of Two

One of the most important processes we share with clients is the importance of having more than just one Human Resources manager. We understand that at most companies, when the top leadership is thinking about priorities, you usually focus on your core competencies, right? Because that’s where most of your activity happens. If you give attention to HR, it’s usually just enough so you think the job gets done. But let us tell you that one People Manager is not sufficient to find and retain the top team you need. One thing we’ve found in our research and experience is the fact that when you have two or more People Managers working on your team, you get more than the sum of the parts.

Team Roles and Work Profiles

Our proprietary expectations scan at Kazi helps create categories for potential job seekers based on their Team Roles and Work Profiles. The first covers what kind of employee the person is – more of an Executor, or a Team Player, for instance. The second covers what this person finds important in his/her work – is (s)he results-driven, or ambitious? We have found this is the most predictable, reliable way to ensure team members are optimally assigned, happy, and productive. But this means that you need at least one People Manager to make assessments about the job seekers, and another to understand and manage your teams internally, to make sure placements are made properly. The Kazi expectations scan can deliver excellent results, but execution is as important as preparations.”Done properly, people management becomes the way your am succeeds, through better recruitment, better personnel oversight, and better retention”

A well-oiled machine

At Kazi, we know that your team is the key to your company’s success. That’s why we’ve devoted so much time, creativity and talent to developing the best possible methods for assessing and placing job seekers and understanding your own team. This is what we call people management. And done properly, it becomes the way your team succeeds, through better recruitment, better personnel oversight, and better retention. Kazi knows that these are the places where you need partners. And that’s why we’re here.

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